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Quartz- Euroshaft
Clock Movements

Clock Movements

Clock Movements


Clock Hands

Dial & Bezels

Radio Controlled
Clock Movements

clock movement insertion clock Pendulum Movement
Euro-Shaft Quartz Clock Movements
High Torque - Standard -
Reverse - 24 hour - Radio Controlled
Insertion Clocks & Weather Instruments
35mm, 36.5mm, 63mm,
72mm, 102mm and Oval
Pendulum Movements
quartz movement round clock movement thermometer
Pushfit Quartz Movement Round Movements with & without alarm Weather Instruments
  Clock Hands  

Suppliers to the Trade and the General Hobbyist of clock movements,
insertion clocks, clock hands, dials, bezels,
barometers, hygrometers, thermometers and much more ...

We stock high quality west german quartz clock movements we provide advice support and backup
with over 20 years experience we can help you produce a high quality product within budget.

We stock pushfit quartz clock movements for high volume production with and without alarm
and stock carriage clock movements too. We manufacture hands to suit a variety of shafts and have the capability
to manufacture custom designed hands specifically for you. Please contact us for more information.

We hold a large stock of quartz clock movements at our warehouse and can in many cases ship the same day an order is received.